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Nurse Operations: "Fiber Release the Hidden Source of VRI"

By Joel Olsson 2020-02-16
Cellulosic materials releases wood fibres. Older types of surgical sheets can risk patient safety.

Helena says that when you started making drapes of cellulosic materials, discovered that the wood fiber material emit, risked impairing patient safety.

The older kind of draping material released from their very high in fiber. When rubbed on the dust

- The older kind of draping material released from their very high in fiber. When rubbed on the dust, it almost in the air. You see it especially if you have a bowl of liquid on his operating table. It can be a movie on it if it is high in fiber release.

Chances carry bacteria

Older, thicker draping the cellulose still exists in many parts of Sweden and, according to Helena, lead to impaired airflow and at worst carry bacteria to patient dehiscence.

- It comes around air naturally and it can get stuck in the ventilation system so that it becomes less and less air flows are important for the cleanliness of the room. And it can also get into the fiber drop in the surgical wound so that it pollutes the case.

Let the whole department change draping

Helena made the decision to allow the department completely to drape the modern SMS material and she is more nurses to follow.

- There will be an SMS material that is impervious to liquid and it should be thin, smooth and responsive, and it should have good adhesion so that it does not come off.

The fight against health damage continues whether the bacteria are found in the air or on the floor. And thanks to the responsible nurses Helena, there is hope for a future medical totally exempt from healthcare-associated infections.


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