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New SVU report on water losses from the grid

By Fredrik Vinthagen 2020-02-09
Calculation Tools for Sustainable water announced. New optimism for future handling.

In Sweden we have plenty of water in most places, and it has been cheap to prepare drinking water and transport it. But today, we have situations where water is scarce and extremely low groundwater levels. Finding new wells or expanding the water plant takes time and costs money. Many Swedish sanitation activities put considerable resources into reducing water losses, but there is still much left to do. 

Computational Methods for water loss

The industry organization International Water Association (IWA) has developed methods for calculating water losses also should be used more actively in Sweden, including the Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI) and Sustainable Economic Level of Leakage (SELL). 

SELL is the sustainable level of water losses when you have taken into account

the ILI is a ratio between the water losses a business actually has and the water losses are very difficult to access. SELL is the sustainable level of water losses when you have taken into account the cost of water loss, leak detection and an earlier renovation also from an economic perspective. 

The project has developed a computational tool for sustainable water loss level suitable for Swedish municipalities.


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