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Great throttle for Scandinavia's largest sign and poster exhibition

By Anders Trillkott 2020-02-15
PVC-free in vogue gathers great interest. New demands from the printing industry behind the change.

The printing industry has quickly begun to demand PVC-free alternatives, and companies that provide alternatives abound. Anders Trillkott of the company Scan Draft describes among other advertisers becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of opting out of PVC.

Clear PVC-free range

It has led to the Scan Draft continuously working to develop a clear PVC-free range. Environmental considerations extend further and are found in every part of the business.

- Many large and the operating companies have chosen not to buy PVC at all and take an active distance from PVC material.There are those who drive the development and way of thinking has spread to more players, which in turn means that we are trying to draw attention to alternatives to PVC, says Anders Trillkott.

The printing industry has quickly begun to demand PVC-free alternatives

Newly expanded scan Draft its range with the self-adhesive vinyl Orajet 3981RA + Proslide. There is a printable premium vinyl that can be used for other film applications, but also for other demanding applications. Orajet 3981RA + PU-based, simple to assemble, does not shrink and does not require post-heating.

Proslide shown at the fair

- Vinyl has a new Proslide technology that makes it easy to apply and reposition, it is especially beneficial for those who want helfoliera on their own or for those who are beginners. It also has a special Rapid Air technology that provides bubble-free installation.

During Scandinavia's largest trade show for the sign and print industry, from February 5 to 7, showing the scan Draft up parts of its range - including PVC-free fabrics and, not least, the latest product Orajet 3981RA + Proslide, even the PVC-free. Are you looking for Scandraft's stand at Scandinavia's largest trade show for the sign and print industry?


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