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Fires at Christmas common in health facilities

By Mats Holmström 2020-02-06
A candle and some light during Christmas time can give horrible side effects. Protect textiles from fire.

The statistics show that we have almost two fires on the day of our health institutions. Not uncommon is that the escape routes are blocked in our hospitals and nursing homes by almost constant renovations and additions, as well as by setting the furniture where it should be free escape.

Evacuation requires the right equipment and training

- Rescue Sheets placed under the mattress and enables staff to quickly evacuate a bedridden patient to the nearest fire compartment or to the next floor, should be obvious to all health care facilities, says Cecilia Hafvenström (photo), the education coordinator Järven Healthcare, and continues:

- Today, we have a training concept that we call "1 1 1" where one of the staff to evacuate a patient from the room in a minute. That along with the fact that our salvation sheets meet the new Swedish standard SS 876 00 39 2012 has also meant that we have received many international recognitions.

- We equip the days over 230 hospitals and about 10,000 beds in Estonia, which also includes training as a natural part, she concludes.

What does the law say?

The law on protection against accidents, says the owner of the home or property, to keep the equipment for firefighting and rescue in case of fire or other accident, and otherwise take the necessary measures to prevent fire. Individuals have an obligation to try to contain the fire. This applies both at home and at your workplace. There is no common standard for fire protection at Swedish hospitals, because they are not seen as a common industry.

New SVU report on water losses from the grid

NaturvetenskapCalculation Tools for Sustainable water announced. New optimism for future handling.... 2020-02-09 0

Foto: Genom branschorganisationen International Water Association (IWA) har det utvecklats beräkningsmetoder för vattenförluster som också bör användas mer aktivt i Sverige.

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