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5G activist song goes viral
Alex Michael 521 Producer, CGM
Nanophotonics "shrinks the light"
Lars Thylen 18 Professor, Institution biochemistry, school of biotechnology


5G activist song goes viral

By Alex Michael 2020-10-15
Reaching out to millions of listeners. 5G activist song hitting all time record at Spotify, iTunes and Amazon music.

A new rising star has entered into the digital music scene. Its CMG

Science song getting viral

The song uses a new type of aesthetics which might be an explanation of its success, with dual vocal lines and YouTube clips edited into the actual song.

The song has already reached out to millions in iTunes, Spotify and Amazon music.

CGM uses a natural vibration which has had a profound impact and resonance with his fans.

5G activism on the rise

Another reason for success is that the target group for the song is steadily growing as more and more discover the health risks related to micro bandwidth radiation. The song has clearly used its core target group as a start and reached far beyond it to be able to reach such high listener numbers.


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